About us

Advancing emergency care education

Our vision is to revolutionize training, certification and continuing education in this crucial field through advanced, realistic, high-fidelity and user-friendly simulation training technologies that enhance the skills and competency of emergency care professionals.

Fostering competence in emergency response

Our ultimate goal is to cultivate a culture among individuals and institutions where confidence and competence in emergency response are the norm, so that every patient receives optimal care in critical moments.

Pioneering simulation training tools

FrankSim offers a portfolio of well-designed, realistic, usable and accessible medical simulation products. Our flagship product is Frank, a patient care simulation mannequin designed specifically for in situ training in emergency care and traumatology.

Committed to enhancing emergency healthcare for first responders

Our mission is to enable first responders, firefighters, paramedics, nurses and physicians to save lives and achieve unparalleled excellence and safety through better training in emergency and trauma care.

Specialized emergency training for healthcare heroes, and not only

Frank is the result of university research at the Université de Sherbrooke, and incorporates innovative, patent-protected technologies.

Advanced Trauma Management

Pediatric Emergency Protocols

High-Risk Intervention Techniques

Comprehensive Disaster Response Training


Patrick Boissy

Co-founder, CEO, Franksim Inc.
PhD Biomedical sciences / Professor in orthopedic surgery. Senior researcher. 25 million $ career cumulative funding / 150 publications - 4 patents. Expertise in biomechanics and technology evaluation.

Mathieu Hamel

Co-founder, CTO, Franksim Inc.
MSc A Electrical engineering / Bioengineering platform director. Senior biomedical engineer (22 years' experience) Full stack engineer in mechatronics.