What we do

FrankSim offers a portfolio of well-designed, realistic, usable, and accessible medical simulation products to revolutionize emergency medical services (EMS) training, certification, and continuing education. Our vision is to make pre-hospital care safer and more effective by empowering healthcare providers with the knowledge and skills they need to confidently and competently respond to emergency situations.

Who is Frank

Frank simulates a realistic unconscious human (175 cm / 70 kg) that can be mobilized, intubated, ventilated, resuscitated and transported in EMS scenarios. He provides higher realism and fidelity then existing mannequins for both in situ simulation and tasks-oriented learning in EMS with a fully articulated skeleton with high anthropometric and biomechanical fidelity that allows it to be seated, suspended, rolled, mobilized during transfers with realism.

What makes Frank different

Highly realistic human form that moves like an unconscious human

Lifelike skin representation with internal steel skeleton fully articulated.

Ready for in situ EMS training

Engineered for in situ EMS training with strengthen internal skeleton.

Interactive training and learning

Smartphone based application pairs with integrated sensors from the mannequin.

Spinal precaution effectiveness

Articulated cervical and lumbar spine with motion sensors.

Advanced airway

Weighted head that moves in 4D with articulated jaw.


Innovative chest anatomy design.